From 2012 to 2017 in Fort Myers Florida

This is a video of our 2.5 acre Plant Nursery For Sale in Fort Myers Florida. The idea behind this video was to give folks a feel for what the layout of the Plant Nursery is like. Also, we wanted to demonstrate just how large the Plant Nursery really is.

Plant Nursery For Sale

Starting out on Shawnee Road, we shot the video as we rode along the entire frontage of the property. One of the first things people notice is that the entire 2.5 acres is fenced and gated. Turning left into the gate, you see the 150 foot long paved driveway. This paved driveway is ideal for off-loading deliveries and on-loading customer orders.

Lots Of Room

Plant Nursery For Sale in Fort Myers Florida - facing-west-toward-roadTo the side of the driveway is a huge open area. This area is ideal for expansion as the entire field is plumbed, valved, and wired for irrigation. There is also plenty of room for off-street customer parking. Next, we see the 350 square foot pole barn, great for keeping the sun and rain off of trucks, tractors, supplies, and other farm equipment.

Next to the pole barn is a 128 square foot screen house. Great for growing the ultimate organic vegetable garden. The completely screened in grow house means the bugs can not get in, eliminating the need for pest controlling sprays.

Further down, you will see row after row of beautiful, lush, palm trees! Queen Palms, Royal Palms, Arecas Palms, Pygmy Data Palms, the list goes on and on.

Fully Irrigated

Our 1500 square foot irrigation pergola is quite a sight. Full of every kind of tropical palm you can imagine. Our young palm trees are all grown right here, from seed. All of our palms are grown here in Southwest Florida. Locally grown means these palms are aclimated to our soil, and water reducing the chance of transplant shock.

Finally, in the back of the property is the composting area. Palm fronds, plant trimmings, and other organics are processed into 100% organic compost, and re-used to feed the palm trees and tropical plants. Also in the back is a large shipping container used to securly store farm supplies and building materials. There is also a 128 square foot tool shed, and even a 29 foot fifth wheel RV that is included with the business.