Palm Tree Farm Gallery

Palm Tree Farm Gallery

This Palm Tree Farm Gallery page was put together to give perspective buyers some idea of all that the Shawnee Palm Tree Farm in Fort Myers, Florida has to offer. This is no easy task, as our “little” 2.42 acre farm is just full of fun and exciting areas to be explored.

Palm Tree Farm Gallery

This is the home page gallery containing all of the photos used in the slider on the top of the Shawnee Palm Tree Farm home page.

[img src=]4560Arial View - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]2230Row 1 - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]2100Screen House - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]2010350 Square Foot Pole Barn - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1980View from NW - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1850Facing West Toward Road - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1890Pergola Photo 1 - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1940Pergola Photo 2 - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1880Pergola Photo 3 - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1800Row 7 - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1850Row 13 - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1860Rows 6 and 7 - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1940128 Square Foot Tool Shed - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]207040 Foor Storage Container - shawnee palm tree farm for sale
[img src=]1870Water Features and Bamboo - shawnee palm tree farm for sale

Arial View

The first photo is an areal view of the entire palm tree farm. Taken in the spring of 2016 by the Lee County Property Appraisers Office, Fort Myers, Florida.

Palm Tree Row 1

Photo 2 is a nice photo of palm tree row number one. This shot was taken facing East while standing in the center of the property.

The Green Screen House

Photo 3 shows our 128 square foot green screen house in full bloom! Many of the vegetables we eat are grown right here on the farm. The entire screen house is sealed off from plant eating bugs, so no need to spray our food with poisons.

Pole Barn

Photo 4 shows off our 350 square foot pole barn. Located in the middle of the property (Next to the screen house) this spacious structure helps keep the sun and rain off of anything under it.

Palm Tree Rows 6 and 7

Photo 5 shows the Royal and Queen Palms in Rows 6 and 7. The Royal Palms in row 7 are only a few years old, and look quite small next to their 20 something foot tall older brothers and sisters in row 6!

Front of the Farm

Photo 6 shows the front of the farm, the area closest to Shawnee Road. Facing West, you can see this area is open and ready for expansion. What you can not see is the extensive underground irrigation system running through-out the entire farm.

Irrigation Pergola

Photos 7, 8, and 9 feature our 1500 square foot irrigation pergola. This area is used to shade the young palm trees from excessive sun, and also to provide water from the automated overhead sprinkler system.

Palm Tree Rows 8 thru 11

Photo 10 is a picture of palm tree rows 8 thru 11. These rows are reserved for palm trees between 2 to 4 years old. As the younger trees become old enough to leave the pergola, they are placed here, where they can be tied to prevent tipping over.

Palm Tree Row 13

Photo 11 is of the last North/South running row, lucky number 13. This row hold some of the oldest and tallest Royal Palm Trees on the farm. The tallest one measuring well over 30 feet tall!

Storage Shed

Photo 13 is of our 128 square foot storage and tool shed. This wood framed structure, with its large, multi-layered shelves, holds a surprising amount of farm tools and supplies than the outside would indicate.

Rear Gate and Storage Container

Photo 14 shows both a 40 foot steel storage container, and the rear gate. The 320 square foot steel storage container is water tight, and offers secure storage for anything you can fit within its two large swing doors.

Bamboo Garden with Water Features

Photo 15 is a picture of our relaxation area… the bamboo garden! The Bamboo Garden has two separate water features where several cascades of water run down the rock walls of each pond. 4 different types of Bamboo shoot up over 30 feet into the air, providing shade and privacy.