My James Warren Realtor Nightmare

My James Warren Realtor Nightmare

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My James Warren realtor nightmare began when a friend referred James to me. This friend knew I was selling a commercial property, but did not know James was only licensed to sell residential property.

James Warren did not offer this information to me, even after I informed him that I was selling a fully licensed and certified plant nursery.

During the 10 month listing, I received numerous complaints from would-be buyers that James was:

1) Rude
2) Would not return calls
3) Inattentive to their needs

Following up on these complaints, I had a difficult time getting a return call from James. Once I finally did, I found his attitude to be poisonous and spiteful.

The property finally sold 10 months after listing with James, but only after another realtor brought the buyer.

Overall, this experience has been a nightmare. SO bad that I would not recommend James Warren (or even Coldwell Banker) to anyone.

To this day, I have never met James Warren.

– He did not walk the property with me to learn it’s selling features.
– He did not meet with me to inform of any marketing plan, or course of action.
– Never saw him show the property to anyone.
– He did not even attend the closing.

NO customer service – ZERO

Queen Palm Row

The Queen Palm Row is finally finished, and is already home to over 100 Queen Palm Trees.

Queen Palm Row

Queen Palm Row - Adjusting Irrigation - Shawnee Palm Tree Farm.jpgBaby Queen Palms Outgrow Pergola

When Lee planted the young Queen Palm sprouts 2 years ago they were only 6 inches tall. During the first year in the irrigation pergola, huge fronds shot up 3 feet into the sky. These first fronds acted like solar panels, collecting energy to help the young trees build root structure.

The Queen Palms surprised us again this summer when they launched numerous fronds over 8 feet into the air. This last growth spurt caused the shade cloth roof of the irrigation pergola to bulge upward. Looking like a circus tent, it was easy to see the trees wanted out.

We Need Another Tree Row

It was clear we needed to build another palm tree row. We had built the Royal Palm Tree row exactly one year earlier. This first palm tree row has Queen Palm Row - Shawnee Palm Tree Farm - Fort Myers.jpgworked out so well, we copied the design exactly.

A high tension coated steel wire was run along the top of 4 x 4 posts, placed 5 feet above ground. This is needed to prevent the queen palms from falling over in the wind. Each palm tree is loosely tied to this wire using nylon mesh strapping.

Wood Pallets Again?

Ideally, we would have used plastic pallets. Plastic pallets do not rot when constantly exposed to water and dirt. However, this is an emergency. The trees will not wait.

Plastic pallets are not readily available, so we were forced to use wood pallets again. In an earlier experiment, the wood pallets we placed the potted plants on turned into sawdust after only one year. Learning from these past mistakes, we did things differently.

We placed the 14 wood pallets on top of brick pavers so they are not sitting on the damp ground. Next, I nailed heavy gauge tar paper onto the top surface of each pallet. The tar paper should help keep the wood pallets dry, even with wet dirt filled pots on top. This is our first time trying this method, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Queen Palm Row - Starting Irrigation - Shawnee Palm Tree Farm.jpgMoving Day

Christmas morning was moving day! After some irrigation system modification, over 100 of the tallest Queen Palms were moved to their new home. Once trimmed and tied, each tree was fitted with it’s own drip irrigation line.

At last, the Queen Palms can now grow as tall as they want.